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Canine  Cranial Connections

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Welcome to Canine Cranial Connections!


Cranio Sacral technique is a gentle, non-invasive approach to release blockages, facilitating the dog's ability to balance energy and heal itself.


The craniosacral system has its own fluid and rhythm, and by working through this system, restrictions in the muscular and nervous system may be released, resulting in improved  mobility, calmness and balance.  Craniosacral technique works on the whole body through the connective tissue, and is able to influence the body  in deep and subtle ways.

This therapy was originally developed by osteopaths and has been transferred to animals with often amazing results. Many different conditions may be helped by craniosacral practices, such as:

  • facial nerve paralysis
  • relief for collapsed trachea
  • strengthening hind end
  • head injuries
  • trauma
  • joint and movement irregularities
  • hind end injuries and lameness
  • blocked tear ducts
  • difficulty picking up a foot, pacing, inflamation, and  nervousness
  • spine and neck problems

  • lyme disease

  • arthritis

  • chronic joint and spine pain

  • hip dysplasia

  • systemic disorders

  • TMJ

  • emotional and behavioral problems

  • pre/post surgery

  • TMD (temporalmandibular joint dysfunction)

Practitioners  enable the animal's innate intelligence and body systems to integrate energetic and structural changes that it needs to in order to regain balance, freedom of movement, emotional stability and calmness.  In this method there is no manipulation of or adjustment to any bony or  muscular structures, we facilitate change where the body itself allows it.


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